Treatment Areas

Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation treatment area information.

  • Midsection. The abdomen, sides and lower back areas are the most common areas for cavitation. Clients can choose one area or all at the same time. 
  • Neck/Jawline. Cavitation around the neck and jawline and also along the lower cheek, reduces fat and often results in a slimmer and more youthful appearance. 
  • Post-Liposuction. Cavitation after liposuction is highly recommended. It helps reduce swelling, prevent adhesion and continue the fat-reduction process.
  • Back. The back is an interesting area to work on. For some there is thickness on top, for others there is thickness around the bra-line but for most the area of concern is around the waist. Clients can choose to work the entire back or one of three targeted areas. 
  • Legs. There are multiple concerns with legs. There's the shape the size and the texture. Some or all can be addressed in the sessions. Fat reduction is different from contour and sometimes not directly related. Clients may choose to focus on a particular area like the inner thigh or may want to address the entire thigh. Whatever the concern, it can be addressed. :)
  • Men. Abs and love handles are the most common concerns. The chest. Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation is most-likely the only alternative to surgery for pseudo-gynecomastia. The cavitation frequency will break down fat tissue across the chest. For those with regular gyno you can use the frequency to break down the fat however surgery is inevitable for the breast tissue. 21 or over for chest work. 
The Most Common Cavi-Lipo Treatment Areas

Options (2): abdomen or abdomen sides and low back.  


Cavi-Lipo to decrease the overall circumference of the upper arms.


Options (5): Full thigh, inner thigh, outer thigh, top or back.


Focus is on the lower "banana" area and upper thigh. 


Cavi-Lipo to define the jawline, and for the reduction of neck-size.


Options (3): upper, bra-line, lower


Cavi-Lipo to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. 

For Men


Cavi-Lipo works great on mens abs and sides too!


If you have some excess fat on the chest Cavi-Lipo is an excellent solution to reduce this area.