What is cavitation?
Cavitation is a physics term meaning the formation of an empty space within a solid object or body. Cavi-Lipo uses ultrasound to create cavitation in fat cell which causes the cell to burst. In this way this technology helps reduce fat cells (adipose tissue) in the body and reduces the appearance of cellulite by breaking up the fat closest to the surface of the skin.
What areas can be treated with Cavi-Lipo?
Stubborn fatty areas of the hips, thighs, stomach, love handles, back, arms, legs, face and neck can be reduced or even eliminated with Cavi-Lipo. The skin will also be tightened and cellulite can be smoothed.
Who can have Cavi-Lipo treatments?
Both healthy adult men and women can have this done. If you are Pregnant/Nursing, have heart, liver or Kidney disease, have any kind of heart pacer, stimulator, or metal plate implanted in your body in the treatment area you must consult you MD prior to having Cavi-Lipo treatments. Untreated hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiency, and other health conditions that would impair the body from effectively processing fat can alter the results of your Cavi-Lipo session. Cavi-Lipo is safe and doesn't harm surrounding tissues.
I had a surgery long time ago. Can I have Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation treatments?
Yes, you can. However, if you had a surgery which left metal material inside your body such as implant please have a medical consultation your doctor before you have cavitation treatments because of the nature of ultrasound technology.
How long does it last?
As long as you make it last! Cavi-Lipo cannot stop your body’s natural ongoing process of aging and it cannot make you live a healthy life style. There are many things that can be done to prevent weight gain and maintain youthful looking skin. With healthy eating habits and exercise you will enjoy long term results.
Is this the same as other so-called “Fat Liquefying Treatments”?
(Some examples: Venus Freeze, Velashape, Body Wraps or Vacuum Massage). - NO. These treatments do not use the advanced technology of ultrasound to permanently destroy the targeted fat cells.
How is liquefied fat excreted after Cavi-Lipo?
After the ultrasound bursts the fat cells the liquid fat will be filtered by the natural process of the lymphatic system and be processed through your liver. A normal healthy body can safely and naturally process 2-3 lbs of fat every week.
Will this treatment do anything else besides decrease fat cells?
Yes. There are additional benefits that you will experience with ultrasound cavitation. It will aid with the renewal of your skin. Ultrasound cavitation brings the collagen up to the surface of your skin and makes it smoother. Some of our clients have had success with “stretch marks” making them dramatically less noticeable. Your skin will be tighter and smoother. This is an add-on benefit that goes with your treatment. Traditional liposuction will “suck” the fat out but will leave you with loose hanging skin. With our treatment, we will get rid of the fat, tighten the skin, and make it smoother all in one step!
I have tattoos. Can I still have the Cavi-Lipo treatment done?
Yes, you can, tattoos are not contraindicated.
Does it work on the back near the bra line? or under the arm on the sides?
Yes. These areas can be treated. The actual breast can not be treated.
Does Cavi-Lipo work on a man's chest (gynecomastia)?
Yes. We have worked with adult men, children and athletes in this area with excellent results. The minimum age for treatment in our office is 18.


cavi lipo client photos ma

Cavi-Lipo Work in Progress
10 sessions
abs, sides, low back

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Cavi-Lipo Results
front, sides, low back

cavi lipo client photos runner

Cavi-Lipo Work
front lower abs

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Cavi-Lipo Work
front abs only

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Cavi-Lipo Work in Progress
6 sessions
front, sides, low back

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Cavi-Lipo Work in Progress
12 sessions
front, sides, low back

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Cavi-Lipo Custom Body Contouring
3 sessions (fat & cellulite)
waist, hip, lower buttock, upper thigh

cavi lipo client photos ma

Cavi-Lipo Results
mostly abs, some sides and back
10 sessions