The following photos are of our clients. These are real people and their Cavi-Lipo ultrasound cavitation results.

Many people want to know how many sessions they need and it really does vary from person to person. The following selection of photos is a good representative sample of our clients and the number of Cavi-Lipo sessions varies from 3 to 18.

Since we use Cavi-Lipo on different areas for different lengths of time it is not always possible to compare a new client with a past client to show them the results they might expect. Instead this page is to show you that Cavi-Lipo works and it works on a wide range of body types.


Q. The watermarks are distracting. Are they really necessary?

Yes.  Our clients only allow their photos to be shown here. Please don't download. Send your friends to this page.



Q. Can I do Cavi-Lipo if I have had liposuction or a tummy tuck or surgery?

Yes. We see many tummy tucks and we work with individuals who have had liposuction too.



Q. Will my skin sag after Cavi-Lipo?

No. One of the many benefits of Cavi-Lipo is that it does assist with skin tightening. But even better than Cavi-Lipo is your body's own intelligence. As your body gets smaller your skin will tighten up naturally.



Q. Do I have to be on a special diet when I do Cavi-Lipo?

Dietary recommendations will be shared with you during your first appointment. The manufacturers protocol suggests some carbohydrate restriction.







Q. How  soon can I expect to see results? 

If you follow the protocol AND you don't have anything major going on in your body you can expect to see a significant change in your shape by the end of your third session, typically 15 days. Yes I know, it is very exciting!



Cavi-Lipo before and after photo.


Q. How often can you have Cavi-Lipo treatments? More than once a week?

Yes. Several clients have used Cavi-Lipo to completely change their body and they have had up to four sessions a week, two Cavi-Lipo sessions, twice a week.