Cavi-Lipo: a non-surgical and non-invasive fat reduction procedure that uses sound to destroy fat cells forever.

Cavi-Lipo is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for the reduction of excess or unwanted stored fat (adipose) and cellulite. Cavi-Lipo uses low frequency ultrasound to liquefy adipose fat tissue. The excess fluid is then removed from the system through natural means. The fat cells become non-viable and are therefore permanently destroyed.

Cavi-Lipo is a comfortable and relaxing procedure. There is no heat, no pain, and no down-time. Cavi-Lipo gets you results wherever there is extra fat on the body. It is also much more affordable than other permanent fat reduction procedures.

Is Cavi-Lipo safe?

Cavi-Lipo can be considered a much safer treatment for fat removal because it is non-surgical and non-invasive and therefore does not come with the risks associated with surgery.

Are there any side-effects?

Cavi-Lipo doesnt have any side-effects. A very small percentage of clients, less than 1%, have reported headaches after treatments which have resolved after increasing their water intake after sessions.

Can Cavi-Lipo be used with other treatments like Cool Sculpting or liposuction?

Cavi-Lipo works well with a modified diet and with many different types of exercises. It is also commonly used in conjunction with liposuction and cool-sculpting. For regular liposuction cavi-lipo may be used prior to surgery and is often used after surgery to assist with drainage, prevent adhesions and to promote healing in the treated areas.


Cool Sculpting or cryolipolysis freezes fat tissue to kill the cells and then the cellular waste is broken down and eliminated from the system over the next 4-6 months.

Liposuction is being used as a generic or umbrella term for many different procedures that surgically remove fat from the body.

About Your Cavi-Lipo Technician

Your Cavi-Lipo tech has 5 1/2 years experience and has completed over 4000 Cavi-Lipo sessions. There are very few who have this much hands-on experience. This is an incredible advantage for anyone receiving the treatment here because as a results-oriented tech she really knows how to make the most of the technology and coach you in what to do to maximize your results.

Why Cavi-Lipo is the best choice.

Cavi-Lipo as a post-care treatment after liposuction or Cool Sculpting

The biggest concern I have with clients who come for Cavi-Lipo after having liposuction or Cool Sculpting is the development of fascial adhesions and the subsequent decrease of flow in the lymphatic vessels and tissues in the area of the procedure. Proper healing without the creation of scar tissue is critical to a good outcome with these procedures. I am happy to work with you after your liposuction or Cool Sculpting procedure and use Cavi-Lipo to promote healing and circulation in those treated areas until they are fully healed.

Cavi-Lipo treatments after your Cool Sculpting or liposuction procedures will benefit you in other ways as well. Not only will your body heal faster, you will have continued fat reduction, the skin will tighten faster and the surrounding areas will be blended into the previously treated ones. Use Cavi-Lipo to speed your healing and fine-tune your results.